I am seeing Lisa for maternity reflexology and I was very sceptical on reflexology at first but I'm now on week 7 and it makes me feel not only relaxed but 100% better with any physical problems. It's a miracle treatment, from headaches and backache, to morning sickness. Lisa has banished it for me!
Lisa is really friendly and you feel completely at ease as soon as you walk in. I can't wait for baby reflex! Definitely worth a try for any pregnant lady :-)
Thanks Lisa!
B. Dunkley

Shannon and myself have enjoyed some lovely relaxing reflexology sessions with Lisa. It has worked wonders on Shannon's bowel problems, resulting in her not needing laxatives now. 
I have noticed in the space of 4 treatments that my Perimenopause symptoms have disappeared. Would recommend anyone to come and see Lisa.
K. Dixon

Today William has said on more than one occasion, that he's enjoying school (his default answer to "how was school?" is "Bad").
He had an amazing end of term before summer and a fab start to the year this year. So pleased my little man is finally happy. Although the medication helps, the biggest change to his behaviour came after he started Reflexology. Would recommend Lisa's Body & Sole Clinic to anyone, it was the best thing I could've done for William.
T. Paul

I have reflexology every week with Lisa and it's doing wonders for my overall health and wellbeing. Not only is it totally relaxing, I have found it very benificial for my heart condition which is improving almost by the day. I have more energy and have found my breathing getting easier.
Thanks Lisa, please keep up the excellent work you're doing. I'm sure you'll help many people to regain their health in the future.
P. Underwood

I have been seeing Lisa for reflexology and it's great. Lisa is so welcoming and has such a calming caring nature. Her work on my feet is fantastic and I'm already feeling the benefit.

Would highly recommend Lisa. A lovely lady.

G. Stockley

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