Herbalism is the study of botany and use of plants intended for medicinal purposes or for supplementing a diet. Many can be used to aid Fertility, Pregnancy and Menopause

As a clinical reflexologist I use advanced lymphatic drainage techniques to help reduce lower leg/ankle and foot swelling, also known as oedema. 

I have been inclined to write a little something on this syndrome as I deal with many clients who come to me for help with managing PCOS and its effects as well as to ultimately help with successful conception.

Wow!! What a fab first class I had today. My classes at Priory Witham Academy are funded sessions for those that live in the catchment area and it is certainly a great venue for some baby reflex.

I am currently seeing a client with this condition and wanted to write a little about what it is because I admittedly didn't know much about it.

My client has seen some huge benefits and improvements since starting her reflexology journey with me only 4 weeks a go. I will discuss these as I write further about this condition.

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