I am currently seeing a client with this condition and wanted to write a little about what it is because I admittedly didn't know much about it.

My client has seen some huge benefits and improvements since starting her reflexology journey with me only 4 weeks a go. I will discuss these as I write further about this condition.

Polyhydramnios means that there is an abnormal amount of amniotic fluid around the unborn baby. 'Abnormal' can mean an increased or reduced volume of amniotic fluid outside of the normal range. The normal range being between 10cm and 25cm.


This condition might be suspected by your health care professional after 30 weeks of pregnancy although it can be detected earlier from around 20 weeks. Once detected you will be monitored regularly.

The amniotic fluid protects the unborn baby from being hurt if you have a blow to the tummy, or if your tummy is squashed. The fluid also protects baby against infection as well as helping his lungs to develop.

It's rare for polyhydramnios to develop suddenly and the cause is often unknown, but it can sometimes indicate an abnormality with the baby and increase the risk of giving birth prematurely. However, most women give birth to healthy babies.

If you're pregnant and notice your belly getting large very quickly (acute polyhydramnios) then you must contact your doctor or midwife immediately.

My client had 40cm of fluid measuring around her baby when she first started her reflexology treatments.

At week 3 she went back to have the fluids monitored again and they had reduced to 33cm.

My client is now allowed to go to full term plus 12 days without the probability of early induction.

The niggles and discomfort that she was experiencing in her hips and back has also reduced considerably and she feels comfortable at night now when she is lying in bed.

Reflexology works at maintaining your body's natural balance (homeostasis) in order for it to work at its optimum.

As well as balancing hormones and helping to ease any physical niggles that you may be experiencing with pregnancy, my treatments also include lymphatic techniques which help with any swelling that naturally occurs during pregnancy, usually most noticeably in the lower limbs, but ultimately it helps maintain correct fluid levels in and around the body.

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