Hand treatment

A client came to see me today for a bit of relaxation more than anything else and was keen to try a hand treatment. While asking her how she had been after we last met and whether anything had changed, the client mentioned that she was feeling a little sad because her milk flow was slowly reducing. This was due to being back at work and not having the time to use a breast pump, as well as the fact that it's not particularly ideal when you're at work.


We spoke about the fact that reflexology may not have the desired effect of increasing milk flow at this stage due to the natural cause of baby simply not latching on as often.

I focused on the chest/breast area throughout the treatment with a lot of focus on circulation and to my delight I received a message this morning from the client to let me know that she had woken up with 'full boobs' and had one very happy and content baby. :-)

Reflexology never ceases to amaze me. Although most reflexologists prefer to work on the feet (including me), I have had some of the most powerful results with hand treatments.