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My reflexology treatments are designed to support, re-balance and boost the immune system and wellbeing, encouraging relaxation and relief from stress and stress related conditions. Relief from other ailments and conditions may also be found with regular treatments.

  • Feet Taster Session 
  • Full Feet Treatment
  • Course of 6 Treatments
* Treatment(s):

All reflexology treatments include a full initial consultation with the first treatment so that I can tailor your reflexology sessions to your specific needs. 


All reflexology and aromatherapy massage treatments include my own blends of oils and creams tailored to your specific requirements. A skin patch test may be suitable before treatments commence and allergies will be discussed in consultation.
If you have a particular ailment or condition that you consider may benefit from reflexology and/or aromatherapy, then a course of treatments is recommended. 
For maternity reflexology please take a look at my 'Maternity packages' page for more information on extensive treatment plans.​
All 'clinical' reflexology treatments and aromatherapy/massage will consist of a client consultation beforehand.
If you would like to experience reflexology or aromatherapy purely for their wonderfully relaxing and holistic properties then a single treatment, as often as you feel the need for a pamper, is all that is required.

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