My treatments combine reflexology and specific aromatherapy massage with a bespoke essential oil blend tailored to you personally. For more information on how I combine aromatherapy and reflexology together in my unique treatments, follow the link to 'Aroma-Reflexology Treatment'.

I always recommend that any potential client book in for a single treatment with me first, so that we can meet and see if we both feel like we are a good 'fit' for one another. This is an important consideration when looking for a therapist. You must feel comfortable with me in order to relax and allow yourself to fully receive and enjoy the therapy that I am giving.

My Feminine Health & Fertility Therapy & Coaching Programme has very much evolved from the 1-2-1 treatments that I have spent the last 8 years offering to my clients.

The emphasis I believe, now more than ever is on creating a sustainable and mindful programme for clients to follow and implement within their daily lives, in order for their body to respond in a deeper and more connected way to the therapy.

Creating a programme of self-help will nurture the relationship that you have with yourself and the responsibility that you feel for your incredible body. In my experience, this deeper connection releases blockages that are held physically within the body, therefore creating quicker and much better results.

Depending on the area of your health and wellbeing that you require support with, I will tailor a package of between 4 and 8 treatments for you that will combine an aroma-reflex treatment regime, along with coaching and support in the following areas:

  • Coaching Sessions

We will dive deep into your health and wellbeing in order to uncover any emotional blockages that may be impacting on your physical health.

You will learn to understand and de-code your body's messages!

  • Mindful Worksheets

As part of our dive into the connection between your emotional and physical health you will be working through some bespoke worksheets that will help to peel away the emotional layers and traumas that you may be holding onto.

This will help you to re-frame past events and release blockages within your health.

  • Guided Meditations & Visualisation

Implementing tried and tested techniques with my clients over the past 8 years, we will work with your health in an energetic way with techniques such as the body scan, re-balancing your chakras (energy centre's) and visualisations.

  • Be-spoke Essential Oil Prescriptions

You will receive your very own bespoke blend of essential oils that have been tailored specifically to your needs, both emotionally, physically and spiritually, so that you can use every day at home.

  • Womb/Tummy Massage

You will learn how to apply your essential oil prescription using my potent womb and tummy massage techniques to help improve the circulation of vital nutrients to your reproductive system.

  • Reflexology

I will teach you how to stimulate the reflexes of the reproductive and hormonal system on your hands in order to bring about a harmonising and balancing response to your health and wellbeing.

  • Simple Nutrition

Learn how to implement simple nutritional changes into your diet, including seed cycling to support your reproductive health.

  • Moon Cycle

Learn the ancient art of aligning your cycles and in fact your entire being with the 4 phases of the moon in order to find balance and connection to your feminine health.

  • Triple Goddess Womb Healing

Receive my exclusive TGWH gift set, including essential oils, crystals and instructions on how to implement this very sacred feminine ritual into your life for cultivating a deeper connection to yourself and your health and wellbeing.

Package Price - £270.00




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